Comprehensive and platform-independent online invoice reporting solution

Connect your ERP and the Tax Authority's systems through the Connectax Platform to leverage state-of-the-art digital tax solutions beyond simplifying your compliance.

Software highlights
Connectax e-Invoice Reporter

Innovative alternative for electronic invoicing

Online invoice reports (XML) are now perfectly suitable to be considered as electronic invoices in the NAV 3.0 system. This opens a new and cost-efficient pathway for all-round invoicing and invoice processing.

Connectax e-Invoice Reporter
Connectax Invoice Reporter

Real-time invoice reporting. Compliance simplified.

Independently of the limitations of your current system, Connectax Invoice Reporter offers a simple and seamlessly fast solution framework for the reliable management and communication of invoice reports to NAV's Online Invoice System.

5 keypoints to
maximizing cost-efficiency


Connectax handles the development of connecting to the NAV Online Invoice System.


As a cloud-based application, Connectax requires no software setup or updates locally.


The seamless IT infrastructure is entirely supplied by Connectax.


Automized version updates in the cloud


Transaction-based pricing model that is proportionate to the size of your business.

Connectax Platform

Supported ERP systems

A few notable ERP systems, which we have already carried out integration with.