Reporting invoices retrospectively

Automized correction of defaulted invoice data reports


Factors that can block your reporting solution

From the Tax Authority's perspective, reporting invoices retrospectively is considered indicative of compliant taxpayer behaviour, as an alternative to complete ommission of data report obligation. Thus, our automized solution is a preferable alternative, if:

Connectax Platform is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to correct defaulted invoice reports quickly and effectively, to support your compliance with the Tax Authority’s notice using our automatic solution.

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Why is it important?

The real-time invoice reporter obligation

A fundamental requirement in taxpayers' real-time invoice reporting obligation is to automatically supply data content in a valid and predefined structure right after issuing an invoice. The list of invoice scenarios subject to this obligation has consistently been extended since 2018, to the point where all domestic (B2B & B2C), intra-community and export invoices are included. Defaulting this obligation is sanctionable up to ~ EUR 1500 EUR per invoice.

When facing technical difficulties for more the 48 hours, invoice reports must be submitted manually to the tax authority’s system.


Our solution for reporting defaulted invoice reports retrospectively cannot be a long-term alternative, or provide a substitute for an automatic real-time invoice reporter system that is legally required. However, it can significantly reduce the administrative burden of manual reporting of invoices, whose reporting obligation has been defaulted due to temporary technical difficulties.

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